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In Google’s search results, the top 10 organic spots are very important. These spots are only organic search results. They exclude paid ads or results from other Google channels. The higher your keyword position, the more traffic you’ll get. That’s why the top 10 spots are so important to the success of your SEO campaign. The key is to be in the top 10 spots for your chosen keywords. If you can get to the top 10, your website will be the first one a potential customer sees.

The first 10 organic spots are the most important. They’re the ones with the most organic results, which includes both paid ads and the rest. Obviously, the higher your rank, the more traffic you’ll get. Hence, higher keyword positions are desirable. This way, you’ll be able to target the right audience. You will be able to increase your organic search traffic. If you have a website that’s ranked high on Google, you’ll have more chances of getting targeted visitors and sales.